The pinnacle of modern living, our premium multi-residential developments offer unparalleled quality on every level. Constructed to superior quality standards and fitted with high-end amenities, each unit is evidence of our devotion to detail. From the firmest foundations, down to the final finish.

Our build times are short, but they will never sacrifice quality.

Intelligent management means we exceed development needs.

Our value management service offering allows us to stay efficient with costs.

Wayne Martin

Multi-Unit Team

A veteran of the industry and a leader by example, Wayne is both loved and feared for his formidable insistence on perfection, and meticulous attention to detail.

The construction manager at Riser, Wayne prides himself on his clear and open communication with both clients and crew members alike. Should a problem arise, Wayne is the first to know. In the unlikely event his extensive experience can’t provide an answer, his impressive problem-solving skills will resolve it just as fast. As it’s said on the site, “If anyone knows a way around it, it’s Wayne”.

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