Redefining Australia's builtform solution.

In architecture, the ‘Riser’ is the vertical section between rising stairs.

In construction, Riser is the team raising the bar.


To our generation, rapid change is the only thing staying the same.

We don’t know where tomorrow will take us.

However by embedding smart solutions from the very start, we form foundations that move with it.

Logan Wang

Logan Wang

Managing Director

Founder and face of Riser, Logan represents the merge of old-school work ethic and new-school ambition that sets Riser apart.

From a trade foundation in carpentry, to earning Domestic Builder (Unlimited) status at 25, to founder and director of Riser at 27. Logan’s astute aptitude for path optimisation filters through every aspect of the business, ultimately translating to a construction time quicker than the industry standard.

Now the managing director, Logan may have swapped boots for boardrooms, but he’s never downed his tools. It’s this extensive experience and intense interest across all areas of his business that means whether he’s liaising with contractors, clients, or consultants, he speaks their language.

Robin Zhou

Robin Zhou


The definition of ‘new school’, Robin’s analytic mind brings next-generation innovation to the world’s oldest industry.

Educated with a Master of Information Systems and a Bachelor of Commerce, Robin’s prior experience in international hedge fund management, implementation consulting, and finance operation and sales, had impressed upon him two things above all: the power of technology combined with capital, and the potential of an efficient, data-driven business to dominate an industry notorious for inconsistency.

For Robin, it could only be Riser.

Jayden Chen

Jayden Chen


Born into a family of elite property developers, you could say Jayden was made for this role.

Early immersed in the family enterprise, Jayden’s first projects ranged from the development of 50 premium gated community apartments on one of China’s most popular tourist islands, to liaising with the local government in Laos to conduct planning design on an area stretching 200km².

Returning to Melbourne to pursue a Master of Property Development, Jayden’s eye for investment brought him to Riser. With extensive expertise in capital raising, finance, investment growth and advanced experience tendering large-scale commercial projects, it was only expected he’d rise fast.

Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang


The vision of an architect, the hands of a master craftsman. Jeff is one of an exceptional few able to draw up plans, and then bring them to life.

Proud patriarch of the Wang family, Jeff’s career began as a qualified architect. After 10 years designing impressive properties across China, he made the move to Australia. However, with a language barrier now standing between Jeff and his architectural career, he put down his pencil, and soon picked up the tools of a qualified carpenter. Raising over 500 homes in his new career, it was Jeff’s pragmatic leadership and old-school perfectionism that formed the foundations for Riser to rise.

Our team

Construction Managers

Site Managers

Project Managers


Cost Planning

Procurement & Preconstruction

Project Co-ordinators


Our mission is to offer our clients the utmost in honesty and professionalism when delivering projects.

We are dedicated to upholding our commitments to both our clients and employees, ensuring that our work culture aligns with our promises while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. We place great importance on long-term relationships, as we foresee a lasting presence in the industry.

Our values


We mean what we say. We are firm but fair.


We think strategically and art efficient. Taking constructive feedback and aim to achieve the best.


We trust in ourselves and those around us.


We are confident in our ability to adapt to various situations, stay ahead of market, and act promptly when needed.


We have a mindset of always wanting more. We empower personal growth.


We share laughter as a team, value each other's unique qualities, come together to celebrate our achievements, and ensure that everyone finds passion in their work and enjoys the journey.

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