Luxury Builds

The highest standard of premium architecture and design, an unprecedented product of exceptional craftsmanship. With every detail carefully considered and crafted to perfection, our luxury builds represent an unparalleled level of comfort, elegance, and sophistication.

Innovation excites us. The bolder your blueprint, the better.

Your passion inspires our passion. If you have a vision, we’re here to share it.

We’ll always put exceptional effort into exceeding client expectations.

Chris Miranda

Dean Ventieri

Jagsir Marahar

Luxury Builds Team

If pressure separates diamond from coal, consider this team the diamond division.

A manager of multiple multi-million dollar domestic and commercial projects before reaching Riser, Chris’ pressure now stems from his own hunger for the prodigy project. The property without precedence, architecture that borders on art.

Working along with Dean and Jagsir, whom bring a wealth of experience to the table, allowing them to effectively manage construction sites, coordinate resources, and oversee project timelines. Their presence adds an extra layer of assurance that every aspect of the project is handled meticulously, resulting in exceptional outcomes for clients.

At Riser, we refer to the luxury builds team as ‘Team Wolf’. Like the wolf, this team are the apex of their industry. A pack driven by passion, built for bolder blueprints.

It all starts here